Mayfield School Overview

Mayfield School is a full primary (Years 1-8) co-educational state school. Our current roll is 91 students.

Mayfield is a rural community in the foothills close to the Southern Alps on the edge of the Canterbury Plains. We are surrounded by mountains, notably Mt Somers, Mt Hutt, Mt Peel and Surrey Hills. These form the names of our four House Groups we run at school and give us our local identity.‚Äč
We are a five-classroom school, all with low pupil to teacher ratios. Our staff of 15 includes 7 teachers and support staff. We are proud of our recreational facilities which include four adventure playgrounds, extensive playing fields and school gardens.
Our school vision is "From Peaks to Plains Striving High with HEART". This motto is everything Mayfield School is about: we strive high in everything we do and this is an expectation for our students, staff and school community.

Our school concentrates on the basics of literacy and numeracy and this will be backed up by implementing an integrated learning approach for our topic areas. As a result you will see classrooms busy with literacy and numeracy during our morning sessions, with topic, sport and languages taught in the afternoons.
Our belief is that we need to educate students to be well-rounded people and we provide this with many interesting and authentic learning experiences. We run clubs for a six-week block in term three - this involves staff, parents and community members sharing their interests and expertise to give the children meaningful and fun learning experiences.
Mayfield School is a needs-focused school. We care about our students socially and academically. We participate in special programmes that allow us to best cater for these needs.
We offer a wide variety of sporting and cultural events. These events enhance our classroom programme, build on community spirit and allow children to develop their self-confidence. We are a PB4L school. A PB4L school aims to provide a positive school climate for personal, social and academic growth.
Our school is well equipped with the latest information and communications technology. We have had a recent network upgrade and have a ratio of 1:2 laptops in Years 4-8 and also a pod of iPads.
Local residents regard the school as an integral part of their community and as such offer continuing strong support to the school. Regular school newsletters keep the community in touch with the schools' activities and help maintain this special relationship.
The school has a supportive Board of Trustees, an active Home and School committee and enthusiastic, capable staff. We endeavour to provide a wide variety of learning situations and experiences, and welcome the community into the school to share their skills and assist the staff.

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